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Environmental Cues and Examples - Read more about how you can make some adaptations to your home.

Triad - Help for Caregivers 

Ten Tips For Adult Children of Alzheimer's Disease Victims

bulletMake sure you understand the legal and medical powers process.  If a competent adult does not have these powers, do this today!
bulletBecome informed about  Medicare and Medicaid.  Consult with a lawyer who specializes in Elder Law regarding legal and financial questions.
bulletBe involved with your parent's physician while educating yourself about the disease.   Be aware of the later stages.
bulletAppreciate your parent the way he/she is now - they are declining.  Allow for recurring periods of grieving for yourself and the caregiver as each stage evolves.
bulletUnless you've been trained as a nurse, you cannot expect to be one simply because the need is there.
bulletBe nice to the caregiver.  If you are the caregiver, do nice things for yourself.
bulletConduct a family meeting with the immediate family either in person or by telephone.   Include a frank discussion of finances.  Do not be afraid to assign "jobs" to your siblings.
bulletRemember that each of us reacts differently to an Alzheimer's victim.  Some people take longer to recognize symptoms and to accept the diagnosis.  "Denial" is part of our coping mechanism.
bulletContact your local Alzheimer's Association and the chapter closest to your parents.  Attend a support group meeting and encourage other family members to do so also.
bulletResearch and investigate adult daycare centers and nursing homes as early as possible - they may become part of the solution.