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Aricept is a drug commonly prescribed for mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.  Only a doctor can prescribe Aricept so it is best to talk to one if you haven't already.

How does Aricept work?

Aricept is thought to work in the brain by increasing levels of a brain chemical called acetylcholine.  This chemical helps keep memory working.

Will Aricept cure Alzheimer's disease?

No.  Right now there is no cure for Alzheimer's disease.  Aricept can only help with the memory loss associated with Alzheimer's.

What changes will I see in a person taking Aricept?

This can vary from little improvement to noticeable improvement.  In a disease where people are expected to get worse over time, "no change" could actually be thought of as good.  However, the disease will continue to progress over time.

Aricept Patient Assistance Program

Pfizer Inc. and Eisai Inc. have developed this program for US residents without prescription drug coverage through either public or private insurance.  

Aricept will be free of charge to patients who meet the following criteria:

bulletPatient has no insurance or third-party payor prescription coverage, including Medicaid coverage or Medicare managed care coverage.
bulletPatient's annual income must fall within a predetermined range.
bulletPatient must be diagnosed by a physician as having mild to moderate dementia of the Alzheimer type.

Program qualification

The physician, office staff member, patient, or patient's caregiver should call the Aricept Patient Assistance Program toll-free at 1-800-226-2072.  This number is operational Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  A program representative will be available to review program information with the patient, physician, or caregiver.

If the patient meets the requirements, a Qualification Form will be faxed or mailed to the physician only as the physician is required to verify the diagnosis.  Upon completion, the form must be returned to Aricept Patient Assistance Program for review and determination of patient eligibility.  Office Forms may be either mailed or faxed (800-226-2059) to the program manager to facilitate the review process.

A program representative will review the form for completeness and eligibility upon receipt.  The Aricept Assistance Program will provide written communication to the physician within approx. 2 weeks after receipt of the form.

If the patient is eligible, Pfizer Inc. and Eisai Inc. will ship a 3-month supply of Aricept directly to the physician's office.


You can read more about Aricept here at the official site.  The site is great and has information about legal matters, emotional well-being, financial planning, and assisted living options.