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National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

Founded in 1940, the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) is the nation's largest and most influential membership organization of blind persons. With fifty thousand members, the NFB has affiliates in all fifty states plus Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico , and over seven hundred local chapters. As a consumer and advocacy organization, the NFB is considered the leading force in the blindness field today.

The purpose of the National Federation of the Blind is two-fold—to help blind persons achieve self-confidence and self-respect and to act as a vehicle for collective self-expression by the blind. By providing public education about blindness, information and referral services, scholarships, literature and publications about blindness, aids and appliances and other adaptive equipment for the blind, advocacy services and protection of civil rights, Job Opportunities for the Blind, development and evaluation of technology, and support for blind persons and their families, members of the NFB strive to educate the public that the blind are normal individuals who can compete on terms of equality.

Special services of the National Federation of the Blind include Job Opportunities for the Blind (JOB), a free service to blind persons seeking competitive employment and a Materials Center containing over eleven hundred pieces of literature about blindness and four hundred different aids and appliances used by the blind. In addition, the International Braille and Technology Center for the Blind is the world's largest and most complete evaluation and demonstration center for all speech and Braille technology used by the blind from around the world. Newsline® for the Blind, the world's first free talking newspaper service, offers the blind the complete text of leading national and local newspapers with the use of only a touch-tone telephone. Jobline® offers national employment listings and job openings through a telephone menu system to anyone free of charge.

Publications of the NFB include the Braille Monitor, which provides a positive philosophy about blindness and discusses events and activities of the Federation and in the blindness field and Future Reflections, a publication of the National Organization of Parents of Blind Children, a Division of the NFB. Voice of the Diabetic focuses on special interests and needs of diabetics and is a publication of the Diabetes Action Network, also a Division of the National Federation of the Blind.

National Federation of the Blind
1800 Johnson Street
Baltimore , MD 21230

Phone:  (410) 659-9314

Narrative Television Network

The Narrative Television Network makes movies and television programming accessible to blind and visually impaired people through narration, an "extra" voice added to the show to describe the visual elements of the story. Since 1988, NTN has narrated hundreds of hours of movies and television series, as well as several Broadway theatre productions and museum tours.

5840 South Memorial Drive, Suite 312
Tulsa , Oklahoma 74145
Toll Free: 1-800-801-8184 • Phone: (918) 627-1000
Fax (918) 627-4101

Lighthouse International

Lighthouse International is a leading resource worldwide on vision impairment and vision rehabilitation. Through its pioneering work in vision rehabilitation services, education, research and advocacy, Lighthouse International enables people of all ages who are blind or partially sighted to lead independent and productive lives. Founded in 1905 and headquartered in New York , Lighthouse International is a not-for-profit organization, and depends on the support and generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations.  An excellent catalog of low vision and blind leisure products and equipment is available.

New York City Headquarters
111 East 59th Street
New York, NY 10022-1202
Phone (212) 821-9200 or (800) 829-0500
Fax: (212) 821-9707
TTY: (212) 821-9713


National Beep Baseball Association (NBBA)
Dr. Ed Bradley, President
Spencer Highway
LaPorte , TX 77571


Skating Association for the Blind and Handicapped ( SABAH )
548 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo , NY 14222

United States Association for Blind Athletes (USABA)
33 N. Institute St.
Colorado Springs , CO 80903


United States Blind Golfer's Association
3094 Shamrock St. N.
, FL 32308

Phone: 850-893-4511

American Blind Bowling Association
411 Sheriff
Mercer , PA 16137
Phone: 412-662-5748

American Blind Skiing Foundation
610 S. William Street
Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: 708-255-1739

Ski for Light, Inc.
1455 West Lake Street
Minneapolis , Minnesota 55408

Phone: 612-827-3232

International Bicycling Tours
Organizes and leads bike tours in the United States and abroad. Accommodations can be made for persons with visual impairments who are interested in participating in a tour.
P.O. Box 754
Essex , CT 06426
Phone:  (860) 767-7005

Achilles Track Club

The Achilles Track Club is a resource for people with impaired vision who enjoy long distance running.
42 West 38th Street 4th Floor
New York , NY 10018
Phone:  (212) 354-0300

Other Recreation Resources

Cleveland Sight Center
1909 East 101st Street
PO Box 1988
Cleveland, OH 44106-8696
Phone: (216) 791-8118
Fax: (216) 791-1101


Blind Outdoor Leisure Development
533 E. Main Street
Aspen , CO 81611
Phone:  (303) 925-2086

The Campanian Society, Inc.
Conducts a two-week tour for blind and visually impaired travelers to Italy . Participants gain deeper appreciation for architecture, sculpture, culture and recreational activities.

The Campanian Society, Inc.
P.O. Box 167
Oxford , OH 45056
Phone:  (513) 524-4846

Fishing Has No Boundaries
This volunteer organization has information on major fishing events that are open to people with disabilities. They currently have chapters in Arizona , Illinois , Indiana , Ohio , Minnesota , Washington , Wisconsin and Wyoming

P.O. Box 175
Hayward , WI 54843
Phone:  (800) 243-3462 / (715) 634-3185

Persons who are visually impaired can travel on Amtrak at a 15% discount.
Phone:  (800) USA-RAIL (872-7245)

“Popular Activities & Games For Blind, Visually Impaired & Disabled Persons” Available in large print from:
American Foundation for the Blind
11 Penn Plaza, Suite
New York , NY 10001
Phone:  (800) 232-3044

Choice Magazine Listening

A free audio anthology for a special audience of blind, visually impaired or physically handicapped subscribers. CML selects and records memorable writing from over 100 leading magazines. Every other month, this unique, free service offers its subscribers eight hours of outstanding unabridged articles, fiction and poetry read by professional voices and recorded on four-track cassette tapes.


The Library of Congress National Library Services for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

The National Library Service (NLS) loans books and magazines on tape, “talking-book” players and Braille publications free of charge to people who are unable to read standard print due to impaired vision or other physical disabilities.

1291 Taylor St .
Washington , DC 20542
Phone:  (800) 424-8567

American Bible Society

The Bible in large print and on cassette.
1865 Broadway
New York , NY 10023
Phone:  (800) 322-4253

Jewish Braille Institute of America, Inc.
The Torah, and a number of books and periodicals in Braille, large print or on cassette. English, Hebrew, Hungarian, Russian and Yiddish.
110 East 30th St .
New York , NY 10016
Phone:  (800) 433-1531


Personal readers scan printed material and translate it into simulated human speech
520 Almanor Avenue
Sunnyvale , CA 94085
Phone:  (800) 421-7323